S07-1 Pivoting Trellis - Stack Minimisation

The S07 Pivoting Trellis security door system is applicable where the daylight opening is either restrictively narrow or where total visibility is paramount.



The S07 security door will fold away to 15% of its closed size. Plus the pivoting action allows a maximum rotation angle of 90° from the line of the doorway. This keeps shop fronts, loading bays, counters, doorways, public thoroughfares, showcase windows and food courts totally unobstructed. The floor channel is removable or can be supplied on a hinge and folded up when not in use.


Custom made, fully framed steel construction made from 95% solid steel for ultimate strength. The S07 requires a structural steel frame and heavy-duty commercial hinges to maintain it's integrity and function once in the open & pivoted position.

Custom Made

Measurement and fitting is carried out by our design team.


There is no limit to the width or height of the S07 providing the limits of the S05 & S06 are accepted. The grade & profile of the frame will vary according to the width & height of the S07.

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Technical Specifications

Refer to basic S05 and S06 technical specifications for stack width dimensions.

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