S06 Heavy Duty Security Trellis Door

The S06 security door system is heavy duty and fully-framed for extra protection. It takes only seconds to close and lock making it perfect for protection in open areas such as banks, shop fronts, hotel bars, closed warehouse areas etc.



Custom made, fully framed, galvanised steel construction made from 95% solid steel for ultimate strength. Features solid brass rivets, ensuring there is no weakness. After stringent burglar resistant static load testing, the Slamlock proved to be unquestionably stronger than other locking systems.

Custom Made

Measurement and fitting is carried out by our design team.


The S06 security door will fold away to 15% of its closed size.

Long Lasting

The S06 grille has been treated, epoxy powdercoated and galvanised against corrosion.

Unique quick-action key-less lock

This unique locking system improves your personal protection where you are at risk.

Slam door instant locking without turning key.

A 12mm pin for extra strength.

Three locking points in one lock.

Double hook for extra strength.

Bottom Track

Bottom track can be fixed, removable or hinged.


A 12 month warranty against defective materials and workmanship applies.

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Technical Specifications

The expanding security system comprises an expanding trellis framed pattern with rigid top suspension track and bottom guide rail.

The door is constructed from heavy duty 20mm x 5mm solid steel flat bars and 20mm square steel tubing.

The bottom guide rail is self cleaning or is a lipped channel.

The jamb consists of a steel channel which is so formed as to partially enclose the lock style when the door is locked.

The trellis linkages being steel flat bars, maintain proportional spacing between the vertical channels.

Door weight is 13kg/m2.

Bottom Profile diagram

Top Track Profile, Lock Keep Profile and Key Turn Shoot Bolt diagram

The locks are special high security grade with three point locking in one lock, a double hook for extra strength and the slamlocking feature - slam door instant locking without turning a key. .

Lock details diagram

The doors are available in 4 standard exterior high gloss resistant baked quality epoxy powder coatings. Individual colour schemes can be matched to suit almost any environment.

The doors are custom made to exact measurements, and can be fitted in the reveal, the face-on or free-standing position.

Fitting Diagram

The rivets are solid brass and rust proof ensuring there is no weakness unlike other expanding door systems. The rivets are used in a non pivoting function to maximise strength and life.

Minimum internal width clearance is 100mm.

Stack Size Table

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