S04 Expanding Steel Security Door

The S04 security door system is ideal for keeping your business safe because of its strength and functionality.



There are S04 steel expanding grilles to fit any size openings. All S04 grilles are up to two and a half metres high, and can lock either left or right. All you need to measure is the width. S04 grilles can be fitted to the inside or outside of existing doors and using adjustable posts at intervals for support means you don't need top supports or tracks.


S04's Unique hinge aside pivoting facility folds up to only 15 % of its open size, and folds neatly out of the way when not in use. The S04 does not require a floor track so your customers will not be obstructed.

Cover Large Openings

The S04 grilles will be made to any width by joining various sized grilles together. These can be self-supported (no floor or ceiling track) or hung from a ceiling track. Adjustable posts are available for supporting large S04 grilles when only half the opening is required to be secured.

Long Lasting

The S04 grille has been treated, epoxy powdercoated and galvanised against corrosion.


A 12 month warranty against defective materials and workmanship applies.

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Technical Specifications

The expanding security system comprises an expanding steel diamond pattern trellis. A top suspension track is optional and comprises a 45mm x 32mm channel section.

The expanding trellis consists of square steel sections which are rigidly connected by means of high tensile rivets. The linkages are all high grade steel square channels.

A unique hinge aside facility enables the trellis system to pivot back flat against side walls so as to occupy a negligible amount of side space, alternatively, the door folds to only 15% of its open size and folds neatly out of the way when not in use.

The rivets are used in a non-pivoting function to minimise wear and tear and maximise life and strength.

Stack sizes table and hinge details diagram

The locking mechanism comprises a security slam lock with high grade double hooks and locating pins for added strength and security.

The doors can lock left, right or centre.

The doors are available in 2 standard exterior quality epoxy powder coatings. Individual colour schemes can be matched to suit almost any environment.

Channel sections are epoxy coated and galvanised against corrosion. The steel sections are finished in a high gloss resistant baked epoxy powder coat.

The doors are custom made to exact measurements, and can be made to any width by joining the various sizes together.

The doors can be fitted in the reveal, or the face-on position.

Fitting Diagram

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