Securaview – Polycarbonate Roller Shutters


Typically used to secure most commercial applications such as Shopping Centre Shop Fronts, Shopping Strip Retailers, Entrances and Alcoves, Doorways, Bar & Reception Tops and Serveries.

The Securaview Polycarbonate Roller Shutter can span any size up to four metres in one section. Unlimited spans can be achieved by permanent or in most instances removable mullions.

Adapting this shutter system to domestic applications allows the home owner to integrate indoor/outdoor living without compromising the view, whilst maintaining a security barrier to keep out intruders, the natural elements or pets.

Verandas and Pergolas can now be used as a secure additional room, protected play area or an entertaining area.


The Securaview Polycarbonate Roller Shutter is designed to protect valuable stock from the elements, such as dust (clothing) and vermin (food areas) as well as the general need to vandal and pilfer proof.

Additionally visibility into stock display areas allow security guards to maintain a constant vigil in places such as Shopping Centres, allowing your assets to be totally visible, yet totally protected 24 Hrs a day.

Retailer, Shopfitters and Builders are increasingly looking for security roller shutter and security roller grille products that are adaptable and provide a high level of security. Bulkheads and specifically the lack of room has been a key issue and most are still trying to avoid unsightly roll diameters.

Eurotec's Compact German Box System which incorporates a smaller axle and a dual facing double turn Italian Key Locking system are becoming some of the most recommended solutions for security shutter systems, satisfying the demand for safety, security ease of use and aesthetics.


Most doors can be manually operated, although motorisation can be adapted in almost every instance. An assist torsion spring is designed to counterbalance the weight of the door promoting ease of use. A 'D' handle can be fitted to assist in the raising and lowering of the Polycarbonate Roller Shutter.

Larger Polycarbonate Roller Shutters will require the assistance of space saving direct drive tubular motors (slide into the axle), which makes operating your see through security shutter as simple as flicking a switch, using a remote control or turning a key switch.

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Technical Specifications

Is constructed of 1.6 x 98mm clear polycarbonate slats and connected by tough extruded aluminium slats of 16mm x 30mm to form a continuous hinge. Each connecting slat is fitted with specially moulded end clips, which prevent lateral movement offering a smooth and quiet operation.

Ventilation (optional):

The polycarbonate slats are pierced with 150mm wide x 30mm high rectangular slots to allow circulation in and out of a designated area.

Manufactured from 54mm x 32mm extruded aluminium for bulkhead installations; or
Manufactured from 76mm x 32mm extruded aluminium for pelmet box installations.

Both tracks have a hollow section for concealing fixings.
Both tracks are fitted with a nylofelt buffer for a quiet and smooth operation.
Both allow a shutter penetration of up to 40mm deep for improved security.

Is constructed of a 70mm galvanised octagonal axle with 130mm adaptor rings.

Is constructed from 85mm x 17mm extruded aluminium section with an extruded backing plate, which conceals a two-way mortice lock, and locking bars.

An optional bottom foot can be added in flat surfaces or a tapered bottom rail can be manufactured in most instances for uneven surfaces.

25mm x 3mm steel flat bars are housed inside an extruded aluminium section across the entire width of the shutter, anchoring deep into the side guides when activated. The locking mechanism is controlled by a two-way double turn mortice lock that can be positioned at the base or waist height for ease of use.

Can be used on almost any size polycarbonate roller shutter opening and recommended on larger openings. Space saving direct drive tubular motors (slide into the axle) can be controlled by a toggle switch, key switch or remote control.

Multiple doors can be operated by a single remote control or with a centrally mounted gang switch.

Manual override motors are available to provide access to a retailer in case of power failure.

Alternately UPS systems are strongly recommended particularly where it is the only form of egress. These clever battery packs convert 24 volt to 240 volt power in case of power failure and do not enter into sleep mode when power fails, allowing a shop owner complete peace of mind.

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